Project Management

Field: Disaster Management
Place: London, United Kingdom
November 2014 – Now [5 months]

 GIS and data management activities, International Programs

Projects: Disaster: risk reduction (Urban, Mongolia), response (Urban and Rural, Sierra Leone / Liberia / Guinea) and recovery (Urban, Haiti)

. Information collection, management (quality assessment…), dissemination
. Processes design and tools optimization

Software: MS Excel, MS Access, QGIS, HTML/CSS/php/.js

Field: Public Infrastructures Engineering
Place: Montpellier, France
October 2013 – October 2014 [1 year and 1 month]

Human-scale consultancy, more than 30 projects (ranged from 30 k€ to 1 350 k€), project leader on most of the projects

. Water facilities: drinking water, sewer and drainage networks, drinking water and waste water treatment plants – water resources exploitation and transport
. Networks: communication (phone, fibre-optic), energy (electricity, gas), transport (roads)

Responsibilities: A to Z: applications (3/5 won), client’s need assessment and audits, solution design and stakeholders negotiation, call for tenders redaction, contract management (amendments thereto), financial monitoring, works supervision and delivery

Software: MS Office, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, yEd, MapInfo, AutoCAD, Geo-Mensura, Epanet

Field: Hydro-geo-logy & Bioclimatology
Place: Tunis, Tunisia
October 2012 – September 2013 [1 year]

Field experiments, SUDMED project, Merguellil basin, Tunisia

Project: Developing methodologies which permit the integration of ground-based data, process models, and satellite data in order to document, understand and predict the evolution of agriculture practices and water resources in a semi-arid heterogeneous area

. Field campaigns: management, logistic and participation, highly diversified, up to 5ppl
. Stations (soil, meteorological, micro-meteorological and scintillometry): installation and maintenance, up to 10 stations
. Data: analysis, validation, storage and management (high-frequency sensors, classical and soil metrological data, field campaign products, satellite imagery)

. Project Management
. Scientific programming and simulation, GIS, Modelling
. Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Hydrauliques, BioGeoChemistry
. Geology, Geophysics, Geomechanics

Software: MS Office, MS Excel, Matlab, IDL, ENVI, QGIS, Scribus

Field: Hydro-geo-logy & Soil Mechanics09BRGM
Place: Orléans, France
March 2012 – September 2012 [7 months]

Risk modelling, European FP7 Safeland project, Alps, France

Project: Integration of global changes effects in landslide risk modelling

. Production of stochastic hydrological event sets (watershed modelling)
. Modelling and coding of hydrogeological processes and their impact on landslides
. Model evaluation (deterministic and probabilistic)

Software: MS Office, MS Excel, Fortran (Gardenia), ArcGIS, VBA and MapInfo (Alice)

Field: Hydrology
Place: Cotacachi, Ecuador
March 2011 – April 2011 [2 months]

Diagnosis, planning and management of watershed monitoring strategy for hydroelectric projects
. technical assistance, field trips
. training, team building

Software: MS Office, MS Excel, ArcGIS, HydrAccess


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